King Hall

King Hall

King Hall

by Scarlett Dawn

I enjoyed this book for the shiny, glowy ride that it was. It was rather light on much plot holding it together, there was no seeking out clues of the mystery for the characters. But it was very dynamic, the “special effects” are told in the writing style. I thought it was written a bit juvenile at first, but it ends up fairly wordy with lots of descriptions. By the end of the book I had ignored the varying formatting styles and the occasional punctuation oops.

The main character is Lily, who was born of a Shifter Mom and a Vampire Dad – but hybrids are not supposed to happen or left alive. She was raised by a Mage and her Mom, and eventually makes her was to King Hall for Mysticals (Mages, Vampires, Elementals, and Shifters). She is mated with Dominic, another Shifter (she lives her life as a Shifter and can change into a wolf) but when he is killed by Commoners/humans, his position as the next King of Shifters passes to her. She makes the best of friends with Ezra the Vampire, Jack the Elemental, and Pearl the Mage. Meanwhile we’ve got wisecracking, crafty Kings training the new “prodigies.”

The story is really all over the place, it jumps months at a time at the convenience of the author. And there is no one theme holding the antagonizing events together. It’s just flashy, quippy people you enjoy reading about.


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