Indelible (The Twixt, #1)

Indelible (The Twixt #1)

by Dawn Metcalf

I’m really glad I stuck with this book. I almost put it down about 9% in since it wasn’t making sense and I was getting frustrated. But I stuck with it and got to read a much better final three quarters. I liked Joy, she was realistic, and later, an asset in bad situations. Her teen problems in the book were probably not geared towards me, but they came across genuine and fleshed her out as a person. The other main character was Ink, who was crafted by pseudo-Fae to be a scribe for their markings, along with his sister Inq. I can see how YA can be a hard genre to write, since the character(s) are technically underage. Throw in a significantly older person or being and you’ve got the starting of an unhealthy relationship. But this was done really well and I had no qualms about Ink and Joy being together. Ink had been dedicated solely to his job his whole existence, so much that he had no weaknesses. It wasn’t until he was “seen” by Joy and subsequently marked her (as a type of assistant) that he became close to anyone… he had to learn to be human and was thus innocent. He hadn’t even formed real ears or fingernails. I loved the dark turning of the book, the “Fae” type beings were really awesome and not your standard pretty shells. The mystery that started unfolding about half way was ingenious and climaxed well.


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