Lhind the Thief

Lhind the Thief

Lhind the Thief
by Sherwood Smith

Lhind the Thief takes us back to the fantasy world from Wren to the Rescue with the politics of royals and many countries throw in the mix. Lhind is a thief who hides many secrets behind her filth, she is kidnapped by a well meaning scribe-mage, Hlanan (love that name!), Rajanas the noble, and Thianra the bard/minstrel. After her treatment by them she starts to make decisions differently, even saving them. After her disguise is gone she continues to grow as a person. She helps Hlanan and Thianra save Rajanas’ city, angers a corrupt Duchess with mercenaries at her beck, and deals with a dark wizard. I enjoyed the more adult action, the trade mark name calling, and the vibrant world.

I thought Lhind was a bit over-powered, and she reminded me of Wren at times; Hlanan also reminded me of Tyron and Connor at times, but they were ultimately different. I think the wizard Dhes-Andis was the most similar to Andreus of Senna Lirwan, with the border spells and mental communications.

I really enjoy Sherwood Smith’s “lighter” fantasy novels, such as this one. While I like her heavier tomes, such as the Inda series, I have to have a greater chunk of time to devote to it as well as reading only that book exclusively.


Confederates Don’t Wear Couture

Confederates Don't Wear Couture (Pilgrims, #2)

Confederates Don’t Wear Couture (Pilgrims #2)
by Stephanie Kate Strohm

Another fantastic adventure for the Scooby Squad Libby and Dev. This time at a Civil War reenactment circuit. Dev gets the crazy idea to start a business in historical clothing, and picks the Confederate ladies since they have the best dresses. So he packs Libby up and they go to Alabama where we meet a kindred spirit in Beau, since he like history too; but he is being haunted by a ghost. Garrett later shows up in connection with reporting on the haunting. I really, really like the combination of history, nerd, humor, and mystery. I liked Libby and Dev’s relationship, they are such good friends and they pick up each others weaknesses. Libby/Garrett were also nice; but the fight was a bit ham-handed and obvious, a bit like Cam/Libby on the first book.

Ready for book three!! Are we going to hit the 20th century – Flappers? Golden age? What’s left of big fashion movements – Victorian perhaps?