Lunatic Life

My Lunatic Life (Lunatic Life, #1)

My Lunatic Life (Lunatic Life #1)

by Sharon Sala

Sharon Sala is a smooth author and there was little to worry about her foray into YA fiction, the story was solid and I was pleasantly surprised to be left hanging on an unsolved point rather than reading a rush conclusion. I like the main character and I like her ghosts, although I would have liked to know more of their background. The love interest, Flynn, came across somewhat pale because I couldn’t get a good fix on him. He didn’t feel as fleshed out despite having more “screen time” than some of the other characters. Perhaps there was a formatting error in the Kindle version I got, but there were several instances of point-of-view change where someone else was suddenly narrating. It was obvious that it was a different person, but the editing there was odd since it looked no different than the preceding paragraph. Overall this was a light, pleasant read by a veteran author. Good job Ms. Sala, I’ll be reading the next! (I need to know what happens!)

Lunatic Detective (Lunatic Life, #2)
Lunatic Detective (Lunatic Life #2)

I enjoyed this book but it seems a bit out of order. The first few chapters hashed the prior book’s events and backgrounds, then a big chunk was the conclusion of DeeDee’s mystery since Tara found a way to find her body. At the end of the story it was more of the strange presence and filler. It seemed out of pace and weird. I expected a better conclusion and more cohesion throughout. Sharon Sala is such a seasoned writer, I didn’t expect that from her. I like the strong characters she writes in this YA series, even if the pop-culture references are utterly mainstream.