More than Magic

Semester Aboard (More than Magic, #1)

Semester Aboard (More than Magic #1)
by Elizabeth Kirke

I started out divided on this, since there was lots of physical descriptions of the people in the book, but not much plot was set up. Further along, you get interested in the characters and their histories. We’ve got a big cast of friends: Jen (new witch), Danio (water elemental), Char (fire elemental), Mariana (mermaid), TS (werewolf), Thomas (vampire) all posing as (or living as) humans on a cruise ship that counts as a Summer semester of college as it goes up and down the west coast of the Americas. Unfortunately the story was too divided amongst the trip excursions and the multi-character byplay rather than any true depth or the mystery of the vampire(s) on board, who are feeding off passengers. The vampires were just there, and they were bad. There were also too many devices allowing implausible things; such as the worldwide Magic Security place (run shoddy if they don’t get back up in there). But it did hold my interest and I liked the characters.

Snow Bound (More than Magic, #2)

Snow Bound (More than Magic #2)

I stopped this at 54% and won’t be finishing. It’s just getting too silly. This whole soul-packmate BS is super trite and annoying. The story starts off with Jen arriving to a ski resort to meet up with the others. She hasn’t learned anything (not even new spells, cause I am heartily tired of ‘night vision’ and ‘warming’ being the extent of her prowess). Characters like Mariana are left by the wayside again, with no use than being the token mermaid. Then this whole drama with TS and Thomas had me balking, then wanting to snap my Kindle. After Jen’s (annoying, argumentative) cousin Shannon is thrown in the mix… it was quite the book killer. I’m sure this may be up the alley for a (much) younger reader who is interested in the characters.